Sprinkler System Alert –  Hard Freeze Forecasted Tomorrow!


If your system has not been winterized, here are instructions to protect your system from damage due to freezing:


  1. Turn off the sprinkler water line valve (typically in your basement), then turn your sprinkler clock to off.
    2.  Go outside with a flat head screw driver to your backflow on the outside of your house
    3.  Turn the handles (ball valves) to 45 degree angle, then take the screwdriver and turn the test cocks on the side of the unit at a 45 degree angle.
    4.  If there is a drain cap, open it and let the water drain out of the backflow
    5.  Open your valve boxes and look for the drain in the box and open that as well (this will let water drain out of your manifold).
    6.  Go back inside with a bucket or cup and then open the drain cap at your sprinkler water shut off and drain the water out of the system in your bucket.  The amount of water in the system depends on how long the copper pipe is from the shut off to the outside if your house.
    7.  Finally, grab some old towels, trash bags and duct tape and wrap your backflow to protect it from the cold weather conditions.


This process will get the water out of the important parts of your sprinkler system to help reduce the risk of freezing and damage.